Retail Pricing on Auto-Pilot

Send it. Spot it. Spend it!

Meet Connie.

Your Virtual Pricebook Manager.

See how Connie helps maintain profits at the push of a button.
No more missing shelf tags. No more missing items to scan. No more lost margins.

I highly recommend this solution to anyone who is trying to save time. This service saves 7-10 hours per month.

Joe, Patriot Petroleum

A 100% reliable employee, with zero* mistakes! I am able to concentrate on other things because of invoice price change automation. Thank you for your hard work, Connie!
(*Editors note: Connie IS somewhat human so she does make SOME mistakes... but not often.)

Mahee, Kwik Run



That was EASY!

Click the button on your scanner. No attaching to emails. No picture taking. No cutting to size. Just scan it. Or better yet. Hook your supplier up digitally and get all your data without even having to think about it. We take EVERY format. Handwritten invoice? No problem. Hit the button and forget about it.

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Manage your prices remotely. Add weekly specials and one time sales. Get price book management without all the time and work. Go ahead... enjoy life again!


Per Location Subscription Plan

$99 - 179/Month


This plan includes equipment, unlimited suppliers with electronic data and up to 100 paper invoices depending on your needs. You will need an iPad or iPad mini compatible with OS 11.0 and above at the store site.

What We Do

Connie is a product of Deep Water Software. She is part of a BIG ecosystem of hundreds of retailers across over 30 states and a 1000 suppliers. Deep Water is working diligently to make it possible for retail data to be sent electronically from every supplier to every retailer. Especially small and independent retailers. When you hire Connie, you're part of a MUCH bigger picture. We hope someday to never need to send paper again. But until every supplier can join in... we make sure all retailers have exactly what they need to succeed. Our over 99% retention rate proves it.

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