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What hardware do I need?

You will need an iPad mini or iPad (most customers prefer an iPad mini) to retain at your store. All other hardware is included.

How many suppliers can I get electronically?

FAR more than many other services. Deep Water Software specializes in receiving and transforming data regardless of formats. Many companies can only take certain formats, Deep Water Software can handle everything from electronic PDFs and Excel files to EDI. We can turn data from any supplier into a standardized format that we can use or any other system can use.

What is the setup process like?

If you are comfortable with internet routers, setup takes about an hour. You can call us directly to walk through setup. Or... if you'd rather use an expert... have your service equipment provider give us a call on your behalf.

How accurate is Connie with paper invoices?

Very accurate. This is not a typical conversion. Your time is precious... and you cannot spend it fixing data errors. We are processing paper invoices with hundreds of stores, from thousands of suppliers every month. Of these tens of thousands of items, less than handful ever return with an error. However, it does happen from time to time. If you do happen to find an error, it's simple to report and you can count on never seeing the same mistake twice. Connie is both machine learning and human assisted, which just means she is not only accurate, but also has the human-based inference skills it takes to overcome most text conversion errors. 

What if I do not like the service?

What??!! Please call us immediately. You'll speak to a real person. You can, of course, cancel at any time. However, please give us a chance to make it right. Our customers stick around for a reason. We are super proud of our 99% retention rate and we'd love to keep it that way. However, sometimes our solution is just not the best fit. If we can't help, we know lots of people and have lots of partners we can refer to you to for a better fit. Which makes us the PERFECT place to start your automation journey.

What makes up a paper invoice?

A paper invoice is the slip left behind by your supplier detailing what you purchased, and the cost, along with your quantities and totals. Some of them are really long. Some are many pages. It does take an additional invoice credit to send hand altered or handwritten invoices. (You know... the kind where we have to re-check the math, or the kind that has been marked through because a product is missing, or those we have to discern the p from the q.)

Will it work with every point of sale.

Currently, Connie works with Verifone Passport and Gilbarco Veeder-Root. If you want to cast a vote for your point of sale, be sure to sign up for the free trial. You won't be charged a thing and your trial won't start until your point of sale is ready to go. 

Why did you call her Connie?

Our founder's grandmother was diagnosed and passed away from Alzheimer's disease many years ago. To honor that challenging time, we named our employee that never forgets after our loved one we cannot forget.

What counts as an electronic invoice?

We accept dozens of file formats: EDI, CSV, Excel, Text, XML...even some PDFs. We do everything we can to work with your supplier to get the data you need electronically.

I have more questions...

No problem! Email or make a quick call to 800-990-6543.